i forgot tumblr existed, been too busy actually living life bro

have to change my pants every time i get post.

far too excitable.

have to change my pants every time i get post.

far too excitable.

so i still have no bursary or student loan.

i am in roughly £800 worth of debt. soon to be £1200. 

but as I am getting my bursary so late, i will be able to pretty much pay all of this off because it’s backdated and I’ll get about £1500 :) so i’m going to make a nice list of things i will buy with my leftover monies! (and stuff thats on my christmas list too)

a new tattoo

mac prep & prime transparent finishing powder

chelsea boots

platform wedge shoe boots

loads of hair extensions, literally down to my bum

gym membership

cath kidston phone cover

yankee candle 

samsung wb500

clarins one step gentle exfoliating cleanser


some nail varnish

some new perfume

a new mascara

generally a shite load of new clothes

an envelope clutch bag


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it’s true…


it’s true…

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when i get my student loan and bursary

i am going mad on shopping. it will be wonderful. and as a way of teasing myself i am compiling a lovely big list of the pretty things im going to buy myself, shop by shop. hello university wardrobe! AND HELLO STUDENT DISCOUNT!    

River Island

  Green Leaf Playsuit £45 Cream Floral Print Blouse £25 Brown Skinny Trousers £30 Brown Belted Jersey Maxi Skirt £25 Light Brown Double Bow Peep Toe Court Shoes £65 Brown Buckle Shoes £35 Purple Lock Detail Envelope Clutch £30 Black Pretty Polly Suspender Mock Tights £10 Cream Chiffon Flower Skinny Belt £17